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Six hats, not only for thinking

With his “six thinking hats” Edward De Bono helped us to develop different types of thought which could be harmonised “as a conductor does with his orchestra”. Something similar occurs with the different skilled resources that SEC makes available to companies, organisations and institutions, in order to help them “think out” a strategic, coherent, harmonic kind of communication. Their skills are studied and developed within the specialised divisions of the company, but our professionals are used to combining and mixing them in their work so that the agency can develop transversal and complex projects and courses.

  • Brand equity management

    Brand equity management

    Preserving and building “brand equity” is a goal common to basic commodities companies and cultural institutions, design products and large real estate projects. Here there is a thin line between product and corporate communication, which are blended together in a virtuous circle where events are promoted and opportunities to gain and share experience are provided. Events, research, media relations, strategies and social media management are the bricks and mortar used to construct the guaranteed value of SEC on a daily basis. On request, the company also intervenes in the processes for analysing the perception and definition of the market position, participates in integrated communication projects with advertising and coordinates co-marketing and sponsorship projects.

  • Economic and financial communication

    Economic and financial communication

    SEC assists businesses and financial institutions in representing their economic and competitive identity to the relative stakeholders and the business community in general, and also in operations of extraordinary finance (purchases, floating companies etc.). Media relations and digital PR of a reputational and strategic nature, investor communication, content management and reporting tools, conventions, legal and market share advertising…a complete range of services, guaranteed by a dedicated department and, where necessary, by the involvement of other specialist departments and professionals within and outside the agency.

  • Crisis & reputation management

    Crisis & reputation management

    “A crisis makes us go back to the questions; it requires us to provide answers, which can be old or new, as long as they are the fruit of a direct analysis; and it becomes a catastrophe only when we try to face up to it with preconceived judgements […], choosing not to live the experience that is reality, to use that chance to reflect that the crisis itself provides” (Hannah Arendt). With this in mind, SEC helps customers prepare for and face “crises”, identifying and managing with them strategies and priorities of intervention, considering all the stakeholders involved - employees, the media, customers, institutions - and guaranteeing promptness and a maximum presence in the acute and long-term phases, while patiently reconstructing the business post-crisis to ensure effective, long-lasting results.

  • Corporate social responsability

    Corporate social responsability

    The “three S” communication of responsibility: sustainability, social and security. Three dimensions that transform an organisation (company or authority) into an active party with its own right to participate in relations with stakeholders. SEC helps its customers to analyse the needs and opportunities (set-offs, projects, sponsorships), in key relationships (those with the local communities, alliances with the stakeholders, co-marketing events) and in initiatives for measuring, reporting on and promoting the party’s identity.

  • External and internal relations

    External and internal relations

    Citizens, users, consumers and employees are not merely the “recipients” of the communication of institutions and companies but also the middlemen who play a decisive part in the development of the same and in mediating the communication to other stakeholders. It is important to spend time focusing on the relationship with these parties, drawing them as closely as possible to the company or institution to which they are related. This is why SEC assigns professionals with expertise in social caring, content management and CRM to this type of communication. Professionals who are capable of coordinating internal and external specialised workers and units (advertising, research institutes to rate climate or customer satisfaction) and studying made-to-measure service models to suit the customer’s structure and organisation. An example? The direct, shared or merely strategic management of social channels or direct mailing operations.

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