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Liquid thought, just like reality

Once upon a time there was above the line and below the line. Media and new media. Corporate communication and product communication. That was back then and in some cases this is still true today. But in our “liquid society”, the lines dividing these have become fluid and the contamination of means and languages means that we see communication in a very different light.

Integral, that’s what we’ve called it, because it integrates skills (within and outside the agency and the group) as early on as in the interpretation phase, and also when strategically and creatively developing ideas. But the name is most fitting because it generates a “unique but liquid” thought, which can therefore take shape according to how it is to be used and who it is to target. A thought that is anything but weak, even if it is free from the unchangeable forms and the corners of solid matter, tending not to be volatile. A vital force, just like water: flowing, penetrating ideas and making them grow.

This approach can be adopted thanks to the long experience some of SEC’s professional figures have in coordinating advertising campaigns and multi-disciplinary projects (large events, teaching courses and exhibitions, branded content…), thanks to the constant synergy with Curious design and the skills we practise when collaborating with advertising agencies, research institutes, production companies, artists and set designers.

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