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Corporate and financial communication in Rome

This is the challenge taken on board by the new SEC and Partners: to give the historical presence of SEC on the market in Rome a strong reputation for consultancy in corporate and financial communication, by incorporating the spin-off formed by the communication branch of the company PMS, one of the leading companies in that sector. SEC and Partners is therefore a new company with a different structure, featuring a larger number of professionals and a market position that is already consolidated thanks to the skills and history that have contributed to its existence.

A new milestone in the development of the SEC Group on the national market, reached by designing ways of increasing market share and offering a well-planned type of communication that is continuously evolving in line with the changing world in which we live.

A valuable incorporation

The former branch of Pms incorporated into SEC and Partners has fifteen years of experience in top management consultancy regarding corporate communication, acquired in particular in the field of financial communication for large national and multinational companies. In this sector, the company has been responsible for floating several customers on the Stock Exchange and for other extraordinary financial operations considered to be among the most important over the last 15 years (from the floating of Il Sole 24 Ore and Zignago Vetro of the Marzotto group to the takeover of Beni Stabili by Foncières de Régiones) which have pushed the company to the top of the list for merger & acquisition operations several times.

Giancarlo Frè, former vice president of PMS and now managing director of SEC and Partners, and his employees, have brought their vast range of experience to the new company, together with the professional attitude that is already a SEC value: maximum focus on all customer relations regardless of size, and the real and measurable effectiveness of the results.


Giancarlo Frè, partner and managing director

A graduate in Law at the “Sapienza” University in Rome, with a thirty-year long career in different sectors of the communication market, both nationally and internationally. In 1985 he managed the External Relations department of the Selenia-Elsag (Stet) group; two years later he became head of the group’s foreign press office and subsequently managed the press office. In 1992 he was appointed as head of the central management foreign press office for external relations at Alenia, in 1996 becoming manager of communication, image and marketing support at the AIR National Consortium (ATR and British Aerospace). Subsequently, in 1999 he became head of the press office of Alenia Spazio.

In 2001 he joined PMS, where in particular he was responsible for the following financial operations: IPOs of Astaldi, Pirelli & C. Real Estate, Terna and Ansaldo STS; Montedison/Edison, Interactive Group/Freedomland, Newco28/ Autostrade and Autogrill/Aldeasa takeovers; increases in capital of A.S. Roma and Fastweb; issuance of bonds for the Municipality of Milan, which can be converted into AEM shares. He managed the communication activities of Wheater Investment during the purchase of Wind from Enel. He also managed the crisis communication campaign relative to the Parmalat affair for the Deutsche Bank and did likewise for Capitalia with regard to the Eurolat Ciapazzi affair.

Rome “capital city”

As the emblem of Italy in the world, the heart of Italian politics but also the hub of much of the national industry (what was once known as “nationalised interests”) and the capital of a significant part of the cultural production (in particular cinema, radio and television, theatre), Rome maintains intact her key role in the economy and society of Italy as a whole.

It was here that SEC first chose to expand beyond Milan and the incorporation of the new company, fifteen years after the first office was opened, confirms our belief that the company plays a strategic role. We are using this privileged identity to fill our capital with history and renewed energy.


The new SEC and Partners offers an A to Z consultancy service, with specific skills and specialisations in corporate and financial communication, positioning strategies and reputation management, issue and crisis management, building company popularity, sustainability and social responsibility, internal communication, events and support for strategy and the planning of advertising campaigns.

SEC and Partners – key customers

Ansaldo STS
Beni Stabili
Fondazione Aci
Gas Natural
Gruppo Sole 24 Ore
European Parliament
Studio legale Chiomenti
Studio legale Delfino Willkie Farr & Gallagher
Thales Alenia Space Italia
UE, Direzioni Generali

Where to find us

SEC and Partners
via G. Gioacchino Belli 39
00193 Roma
Tel. +39 06.3222712


Giancarlo Frè, partner and managing director
Maurizio Maione, vice president

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