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Primum vivere, deinde comunicare

“He didn’t trust ideas, always far too precise to be tied in with reality,
which, as he knew from experience, is absolutely fluid”
(George Simenon, Maigret and the lazy burglar)



Much is said about empathy, but we prefer to speak about “identification” (“Einfühlung”): identifying oneself in the reasoning and feelings of the next man, of people in general, to find the right key with which to open or “establish” relations. Public and institutional relations. Not one definitive rule suitable for all (the single communication plan that lets us win the race!) – but an approach that is adapted on a day by day basis: in the posts written, in the headline that is offered to a newspaper, in an event programme, in mediation with a local committee. A method that ensures that the customer’s requests are fully met and that he enjoys the benefit of the “other” viewpoint of consultancy.

Traditional, digital, integral

Since 2007, SEC has been expanding its consultancy services to the digital sector, first with dedicated professionals and then by promoting a widespread “contamination” of the agency through the presence of specialists in each division and an intensive programme of targeted training. Today SEC offers companies an “integral” approach that focuses on the strategic and differentiated management of content and messages on the different relational “platforms”, depending on the objectives relative to reputation, popularity building, brand consolidation, increasing brand loyalty and the promotion of goods and services for companies, organisations and institutions.


By organising the agency into specialised divisions according to practice or business sector, we can offer vertical and integrated skills as part of a customer approach that is always as close and collaborative as possible. Add to this the local presence of SEC in Italy, with subsidiaries, offices and correspondents in 13 main cities. A model that has been developed gradually over the years thanks to the many professionals who have shared and incorporated their experience and knowledge of their own areas with the SEC know-how and style (owned agencies). In the case of offices and correspondents, it was pursued by looking after customers who needed to be assisted “in loco”, when dialoguing with the institutions, the community, the media and their own employees. Thanks to this local coverage, SEC is in a position to

  • Manage complex projects and situations (crisis & issue management) offering its knowledge of the area; the quality of its relations; prompt, skilled management
  • Develop targeted communication to support the corporate objectives or specific customer marketing projects, making optimum use of the local media system which plays a strategic role in our country (just think that in our country the local newspaper is "the top" national newspaper).

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